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Heritage Research & Genealogy

Sheridan is a heritage researcher, genealogist, archive assistant, and family historian. She is an expert on WW1 and the history of teasmades.

Business Analysis

Mike is an former business analyst, project manager and IT trainer, with an enthusiasm for economics, data management, investment and financial trading.

Nice things people say…

These guys are helpful, friendly, sensible, realistic and true to themselves.

From the off, both Sheridan and Mike give every endeavour their all. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Sheridan and Mike genuinely enjoy what they do. Hard work doesn’t seem to be a chore to either of them.

When someone’s enthusiasm is as palpable as Sheridan and Mike’s it is hard not to be motivated to go the same way.

Never have I found either Mike or Sheridan in a bad mood. They talk about business with such passion. It is a joy to witness and so inspiring.

Sam Nash

Sheridan and Mike are fully dedicated to their business, self motivated, and supportive of each other’s choices, now and always. Theirs is a truly admirable example.

Sheridan and Mike are dependable, friendly and approachable. They have wonderful people skills and are able to adapt to any situation or personality type.

Mike is friendly, approachable and above all, knowledgable but without arrogance or judgement.

Neither Sheridan or Mike are cut-throat business types who are only out for themselves.

Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Sheridan and Mike would receive unprecedented support and help every step of the way.

Data management and analysis is Mike’s ‘thing’. He is someone I would happily turn to for advice.

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